Saturday, 19 February 2011

Prototypes: Set up #2 - Processing Rough Sketch

Been a while since the last prototype/test (see 9 May 2010 -Sound prototype)

The Art of Ping Pong Prototype #2 from Jono Sandilands on Vimeo.

Set up consists of LCD TV covered by a piece of perspex acting the table, the MacBook which is running a rough processing application using the camera & Myron.

Basically it is using the camera to track the motion of the ball - it is slightly rough around the edges - perhaps a bit slow - but I am happy with this for now knowing I really need to push my abilities in Processing to make this better.

The mock table works great - but when I shift up to a full size ping pong table, I will have to think about a different idea - as lots of screens could be expensive. Projection would be possible, and preferably back projection. I will be drawing a rough plan for what I propose for the actual table soon.

Screenshots of the tests - part of the idea of the project is after a game the piece of art created is automatically printed and hung up on the wall while more games are played. There is a way to export a PDF of the application - sure there must be a way to automatically print a file when it is updated.

So, still loads to do, but feel I'm a step forward and back on the right track again.

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