Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Construction: The Table

Rough Table model - produced in Google Sketch Up
Note: 1 clear side on top and 1 side panel absent to allow view inside table.

I had always planned to build a 'special' table for The Art of Ping Pong, but I have only recently begun to think about how it may look. It does need to be within a budget so have tried to come up with something which works to that.

I should think about how to transport this and also store it - can it come apart? Flatpack? Fold up?

Technology: Ideally everything would be housed inside the table - but have not tested out all potential routes yet. (ie short throw projector could be expensive + camera to track motion may have to be placed above table). The printer could be accommodated in a much cleverer way (perhaps much like a photobooth style when photo drops out).

Build: There would be a frame of rough sawn timber and boxed in bottom and sides with plywood and doors for access. The top would consist of perspex sheeting which allows for backlit projection. With standard table tennis equipment. I'd also plan to 'brand' the table with vinyl logo etc.

Brainwave: Just another thought for marketing - get printed ping pong balls with logo + web.

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