Friday, 25 February 2011

Prototypes: Set up #4 - Full Size

The Art of Ping Pong Prototype #4 - Full Size from Jono Sandilands on Vimeo.

Using the same rough sketches as the last prototype (see here). The application uses colour tracking to track the red ball.

I set up a makeshift table using really thin sheets of board - they kinda absorbed the bounce making it really hard to play normally - will need to get a better surface even to test on - even an old ping pong table would be great - if anyone can help?

So hopefully in the video you can see how the projector and camera are placed at a high angle to the table - this test has confirmed that the projector and camera (especially) need to be directly above (or below if I can source a reasonably priced short throw projector - see table plan option 1 here).

A lot of work needed on the application
More tests of actual gameplay at full speed - I think the camera I currently use may not pick up high speed play.
Also work on plans for construction of the final table.

One step further...

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