Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Research - Webcam Motion Tracking

AS3 Motion Tracking from Justin Windle on Vimeo.

A demo of simple motion detection and tracking in AS3, used to control a swarm simulation. This piece was originally installed in a gallery space where the movement of visitors influenced the ever-changing generative composition.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Research: Build your own multitouch surface computer

There are a lot of homemade DIY touch screen mock ups and tests out there. These are never quite perfect but maybe something to consider and test?


Maximum PC's Multitouch Surface Computer from Maximum PC on Vimeo.

Long time no post - Research: Touch Screen

It's been a busy old summer. Looking to get back into the project over the cold winter months.

Just a quick thought about the display of the table - and how to track where the ball hits in a different kind of way & saw these touch panels which can adapt an existing screen into a touch screen.

Link: Virtual Village

"Transform your PC monitor into an interactive display screen with this high quality and accurate widescreen 22” touch panel. The 4 wire panel is the most popular version and can be used by a large variety of contact types, i.e. gloves, stylus, fingers etc.

Ideal for use as POS (point of sale) or for giving directions or instructions – touch screens are an eye-catching and technologically advanced way to communicate in pretty much any business:"