Sunday, 9 May 2010

Prototypes: Set up #1 - Sound Test

The Art of Ping Pong Prototype #1 from Jono Sandilands on Vimeo.
Just now I am working how best to do this project, and had this idea to use sound to react to the sound the ball makes when it hits the table.

Shown in the video is a normal computer screen covered by a piece of perspex, using the internal microphone on the MacBook running Modul8 to change and show a random colour every time the microphone picks up a sound. Obviously this will happen with every sound but it could be possible to set up a microphone to pick up sound in only a specific place or frequency.

This is a very simple set up, and I would like to start developing this and also looking into slightly more dynamic set ups using sensors. Long way to go yet, but keep track of my progress on the blog. Thanks for looking!

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